Cinéma en espagnol

Les élèves de cinquième se rendront au studio 43 cet après-midi pour assister à la projection du film COCO en version espagnole, une bonne occasion pour eux d’entendre la langue qu’ils pratiquent depuis une année maintenant.

Santander et la Cantabrie

Dans un jeu de piste à la découverte de Santander , c’est avec beaucoup de courage que nous avons affronté les éléments hostiles ce matin. Mais c’est avec bonheur que les élèves ont participé à ce jeu allant même à discuter avec les commerçants et les clients du marché en quête d’indices.

Pour se sécher, rien de mieux qu’un tour sur la presqu’île de la Magdalena.

Dans les grottes d’Altarima , à la découverte de nos origines

Pour finir visite du village de Santillana del Mar et cette fois sous le soleil!

Bien arrivés en Espagne

Après une reposante nuit dans notre bus tout confort, un petit déjeuner à Bordeaux et un repas copieux à Anglet, nous voici à Santander sous la neige…

On se protège comme on peut de la pluie, de la grêle.

Sur le chemin de saint Jacques de Compostelle

On sort les skis?

Le centre culturel sur la baie

En contraste la poste

Une bonne nuit de repos pour tous avant le challenge par équipe dans les rues de Santander.

Voyage à Abingdon/Oxford du 6 au 9 février 2018: Day 4 : Cricket at Eversley Indoor Cricket Centre

«  On Friday 9th, February we left Abingdon at 8.00 am and went to Eversley to play cricket. We arrived there at 9.30 but the meeting was at 10.00.

We did many activities like relays…Clovis won a game so he was given a bat dedicated by the 3 coaches whose names were Steve, Léon and James. Finally we played real cricket. James split us into 4 groups : the Bears, the Lions, the Sharks and the Chickens !

The Sharks won the competition and we won a cricket set to take back to our school in Dunkirk.

We left Eversley at 12.30 and arrived at Dover at 3.30pm. The ferry left at 4.40pm.

On the ferry we could buy some souvenirs like food or key rings.

The ferry landed in Calais at 7.10pm and finally we saw our families at nearly 8.00pm.

It was a fantastic trip ! Thanks to Mrs Evrard, Mrs Tisserand, Mrs Leduc and Maxime ! » Adèle Ropital, 3°3

«  The last day we came back to Dunkirk.

On the way we stopped at a cricket club in Eversley, south west of London.There were 2 coaches and a player who taught us how to play cricket and they organised a competition between the 4 teams.

We ate there and after we left Eversley to Dunkirk. For the crossing from Dover to Calais we took the ferry and we got to Dunkirk at 8.00pm. » Audric Brouart, 3°4

Voyage à Abingdon/Oxford du 6 au 9 février 2018: Day 3 : Blenheim Palace and Oxford

«  The day started at 8 am. We went to Blenheim Palace ( see top photos). The visit started at 10.00. First we saw the key of the Palace. Il was heavy and the most beautiful key I had ever seen.

A lot of films were shot there( James Bond, three of the Harry Potter films…) In Blenheim we saw the rarest carpet in the world. There are only 8 of these in the world ! In Blenheim there were a lot of paintings and tapestries.

After the visit we went to the toilets and we went shopping in the Palace’s shop. We ate in front of the shop and then we walked across the garden. With some of my friends we looked for the « Whomping Willow »but we didn’t find it. We saw an ice-cream shop. It was closed and Jeanne was sad!After, we followed Mrs Leduc to a Maze. Juliette hurt her left leg.

In the afternoon we went to Oxford. Clovis, Mrs Leduc , Maxime , Esteban and Ewen carried Juliette on their backs ! Then some of us ate scones with clotted cream and we drank English tea with milk. It was delicious ! And , then we visited Oxford. Some of us started with the visit and finished with the cream tea at the Café Loco. » Claire Cancel,3°3

«  We woke up at 6.30 am. We ate our breakfast and we left our host family at 8.00am and we took the coach. At 8.30, we arrived at Blenheim Palace. It’s a very big palace where Winston Churchill was born and where the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough and their 3 children still live.There were a lot of paintings by Louis Laguerre on the walls. During the first World War , Blenheim Palace was used as a hospital for the seriously injured soldiers.

In the afternoon we went to Oxford. One part of our class had English tea with scones and clotted cream with jam in a café. ( Scones are English little cakes)( see photo). The other part of the class had free time in Oxford to visit the city. »Ambre Martinelli, 3°5

Voyage à Abingdon/Oxford du 6 au 9 février 2018: Day2 : The Warner Bros studios in Leavesden

«  In the morning we left the families and we came to the coach. When everybody was there, we went to Tesco, a supermarket. We organised 4 groups. I was with Mrs Evrard. She showed us British specialities. Some pupils bought some things, candies, pens, food…After that, we came back to the coach and we went to « The Making of Harry Potter ». We arrived at the car park at 11 pm. We ate and a woman explained the rules of the visit. They gave us bracelet passes and the visit began. First we had to sit in a cinema room and saw an introduction film. Just after that , we entered « the Great Hall » of Harry Potter. The next room was a bigger room than the others. There were a lot of props, costumes, wigs. In this room, we could take photos of ourselves in a Hogwarts wizard robe. I bought the photo with some friends.Then I walked to the « Forbidden Forest ». I was afraid of the big , big spiders ! Next it was Hogwarts express. I took photos of the creatures’ models. Then I saw a great model of Hogwarts castle. Finally we could buy wands in the shop .

We left the studios at 4.30 pm. » Clovis Potier , 3°3

«  In the morning, we went to Tesco( a supermarket). We bought some English food with the teachers. Then we went to the studios of Harry Potter and the trip was very long( one hour) by coach. Before the visit, we ate the sandwiches the families gave us before we left. We got a pass to enter the studios. In the Hall, we were checked. We first saw Harry Potter’s bed in his cupboard, all the costumes, the props, Harry Potter’s house, the train….At the end of the visit, we bought some souvenirs but it was very expensive. I bought a figure of Harry Potter and a wand.

I loved this day because I have seen the Harry Potter films and I am a fan. If I were you, I would go to the Studios of Harry Potter in Leavesden ! » Victor Amossé, 3°5

Voyage à Abingdon/Oxford du 6 au 9 février 2018: Day1 : Windsor castle

«  On the first day , we left school at 7,00 am, We took the coach to go to Calais to take the shuttle, We arrived at 9.30 am in the south of England, near Canterbury, and we arrived at 11.30 in Windsor. (see photo). We ate our lunch. After , we had a free time in Windsor to go shopping. At 1.30pm we started visiting the castle. We were given audio-guides to visit the castle, the outside and the Chapel. At 5.00pm, we came back to the coach and drove to Abingdon. We arrived there at 6.30pm and the host families came to meet us » Camille Deu, 3°4

«  The meeting was in front of the school at 6.30 am and we left at 7.00am.We took the shuttle in Calais but we had to wait for one hour inside the shuttle before it started !

We arrived in Folkestone at 9.30 am and then we ate at Windsor. We had thirty minutes to go shopping. After, we visited Windsor Castle( see photo) with audio-guides.We saw Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, this most magical residence is a perfect replica in miniature of an aristocratic home, designed for Queen Mary in 1923 by the leading British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens.

We also saw the State Apartments and St George’s Chapel.

Finally we took the bus and we arrived at Abingdon at 6pm to meet our families . I was with Florine, Emma and Victoire and we ate pizza ! » Jeanne Salembier, 3°3

«  On the first day we woke up at 6.00 and we went to Windsor castle by coach. We arrived after a long time. Windsor is a really cute place. We ate our lunch on benches and we had free time to go to the many stores and I bought English candies. After our free time we saw Eton Public School. It was beautiful.Then we walked to the castle. It’s a really big and beautiful castle. Near the gates we saw the statue which represented Queen Victoria. We also visited St George’s chapel where George V, Henry VIII and many kings are buried, We saw the Dolls’ House which was impressive and beautiful. Inside this house there is running water, real wine , real books….like a dream !

In the castle we saw many armours.

It was a really good day and I still have the bracelet they gave us there ! » Angel Ballet-Baz,3°1